Welcome to Northern Ireland spas website Browse our directory of great N.Irelansd spa’s and take advantage of great spa deals and excellent voucher offers. Spa breaks have become  tremendously popular of late for several major reasons, the beauty and health aspect, plus the wonderful relaxing settings that many of N.Ireland top spa’s enjoy. spa breaks northern ireland

Today, people are more conscious about their looks, their body and their health than they were ten years ago. This has prompted a change in lifestyles and quick acceptance of new approaches that contribute to better health or beauty.

Beauty spas are one great aspect that has benefited greatly from this change in people’s awareness and lifestyle. Wondering why beauty spas are still gaining popularity? The answer to that question is because it offers your body  many health benefits along with relaxation. Spending time in a spa will relax your mind and body and thus, set a great foundation for better wellbeing.

Northern Ireland Spa days.

Northern Ireland offers some of the best spas to be found in the UK, or Ireland. Most of our top hotels now have fantastic spa facilities, so spa breaks in Northern Ireland have become extremely popular of late. Spa days are becoming increasingly popular too.  Definition of a spa day for newcomers –

Stress Relief: Sometimes life can be chaotic irrespective of how successful or hardworking you are. A day spa is a convenient place to escape your daily troubles without worrying about anything. It does not matter your problem because you will find a solution designed specifically for you. When stressed, a great massage at a Northern Ireland Spa will help to ease and relax your mind and  create a lasting effect on you. beauty spa in Northern ireland

Better sleep and fewer headaches: Spending a day in a spa will help your blood flow better and thus make you sleep better.

If you regularly experience headaches or migraines, you should consider visiting a beauty spa. The steam is a great alternative for medicines because it offers the same effect on your body. Over 50? Why not find health tips and advice in the over 50s forum

Healthy skin: Facial treatments in a spa will clear your skin and make your skin appear clearer and smoother. The facial treatment will get rid of toxins caused by grease, pollution and dirt. It will also get rid of dead skins and make your skin appear youthful and healthy.

Anti-aging benefits: Although there is no way that you can stop the aging process, the treatments offered in a Spa can slow the skin-aging process and hence make your skin look youthful longer.

 The Best Northern Ireland Spa Breaks

Northern Ireland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The only thing more relaxing and rejuvenating than being in Northern Ireland is visiting the many beauty spas there. What better way to enjoy a break away than picking a day you can spend at the spa? Spa breaks Northern Ireland are sure to energize you for the reminder of your week, give you a glowing complexion and more. Below are a few of  top 5 beauty spas in Northern Ireland. Each spa has its own unique atmosphere and custom treatments.

1. The Beauty Company in Belfast: If you want to go to a spa where the energy is frenetic and they get real results, go to the Beauty Company at the city centre in Belfast. It’s a good spa to visit before you go out on the town. They also handle various skin problems.

2. Aura Day Spa in Belfast: Aura day spa relies on cutting edge technology and indulgent atmosphere to pamper their clients. It is the first spa in Northern Ireland to introduce a new technology called the 3D Lipo system and 3D Skintech systems that cause you to leave with a glow.

3. Galgorm Resort and Spa in Antrim: This impressive and sprawling complex is also a resort. It’s a luxury hotel and spa located thirty minutes from Belfast. The spa is a haven of tranquility in an ideal setting inspired by the River Maine with natural stone, natural wood and warm colors.

4. Utopia Holistic Beauty in Belfast: This is a much smaller, but effective spa that treats you just as well. Utopia has an amazing relaxation room and is owned by an experienced and likeable therapist who keeps the experience personal. They specialize in treatments like foot massage, ear candling and body treatments.

5. Slieve Donard Spa in Newcastle: Known the world over for their top notch beauty spa services. The relaxation room that looks out on the beach at Newcastle is this spa’s big draw. Enjoy one of their many wonderful beauty spa treatments while watching the waves crash outside the massive glass windows.